"On the surface, my practice seemed successful..."


Back in 2009, I did something rather impressive: I didn't accomplish a single one of my New Years Resolutions!


Have you ever managed to do that, too?


The problem? (and why I failed so badly):  I made a list of Resolutions... 13 of them. My plan was to “focus” on ways to improve my life, ranging from health to career to family.  It shouldn’t have been a surprise that I accomplished ZERO of my Resolutions.  And yet, the same mentality that caused me to fail with my Resolutions is what’s holding back 9 out of 10 dentists from achieving their goals:


Lack of focus


Nearly every dental practice owner we at DTP have worked with attempts to focus on improving far too many goals. (And few show any improved results):

  • decrease no-shows and cancellations
  • get more new patients
  • increase case acceptance
  • fill the schedule
  • get payroll expenses in line
  • create better teamwork
  • reactivate overdue prophy


You get the idea.

Hi, my name is John Cotton, and I’m the CEO of Dental Team Performance. 


Recently, we worked with a practice owner who was trying everything he could to move the needle. He had just spent $20,000 on a telephone training program and had limited results and a not-so-good experience.

We met with the doctor and team, and started from scratch.  It started by simply learning what they wanted to achieve, what they currently do, why they do what they do and how it impacts the results.


With a little practice data, we then created a plan that focused on just the 3 key things that mattered most to achieve their goals


Here were the results:

"You guys showed us how to focus on 3 things and we are up $27,000 per month…thank you”


And another practice:

“It’s hard to get my head around focusing on one thing and having blowout numbers.”


The key is focus. Look, there’s no shortage of information, programs, and gurus with the latest version of training tactics to help you achieve "instant success."  The actual results... that's a different story.


Here's what we know.

  • Our clients increase production and collections
  • A practice can’t focus on and optimize results on 10+ initiatives
  • 98% of practices do not own a tailored Strategic Plan designed to achieve their goals
  • The easiest & biggest results happen by focusing on 1 key production driver at a time
  • Team members can and will perform at a higher level than the dentist believes.
  • What would it look like for your practice to increase collections by up to 23% in 12 months?
  • What if you could increase production by 20% in 60-90 days, and continue growing from there?
  • What if you could just do more dentistry and less managing?


You can, if you want to!  Let’s invest 30 minutes to talk about your practice. I’ll bet we can identify your top 3 Key Production Drivers and what they can mean to you and your practice.


To schedule a free, no-commitment 30 minute phone conversation with me, John, just click on the button below.  Or, you can email me directly at john@whydtp.com. (Note "Free Call" in the subject line and include your direct telephone number, practice name, full name and city & state).

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