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WANT TO GROW YOUR PRACTICE IN THE NEW ECONOMY? Examine what you are doing today and diagnose the best treatment for your practice moving forward. You know the Great Recession created big problems for many dentists. It exposed dental practices to ine ficient and ine ffective processes, protocols and skills that suppressed production growth. The problem areas, primarily, are: No-shows and cancellations, fewer new patients and referrals, and fewer cases completed There is no leeway in today's dental practices for operational inefficiencies. Inside these pages, you'll discover the 5 key strategies to predictable, significant and sustainable results!

1. HOW to create consistently exceptional Patient Experiences

2. WHY a Strategic Plan is a “must have” to predict your future

3. HOW to Fill-the-Schedule and keep it full

4. CASE Completion, not case acceptance: the magic wand to big increases in production

5. HOW to Lead your team to Performance, instead of managing work


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Why DTP?  Focused Performance-to-Production!

That’s what we do!

Since you are the CEO, CMO, COO, CFO, CTO and HR director of your practice, you have to focus on your Key Production Drivers.  What are they?  Are you sure?  What are your results in each?  How are you going to improve the results?

Get Focused!  Know HOW to Optimize Performance!


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Case Study - How Strategic Planning Took My Practice to the NEXT LEVEL!

Kevin Alexander, DMD

With the utmost sincerity and a big dose of frustration, Dr. Alexander said, "John, I can't work any harder! We are doing well, but after 22 years in practice, I know we are not as efficient as we should be and I know there is plenty of room to improve production. I've tried consultants, boot-camps and my share of do-it-yourself programs and I can't seem to get to the next level. Do you have any idea how I get my practice where I know it can be?"

My answer! "Kevin, look at your practice like your typical New Patient exam. Let's say the patient has a toothache. You wouldn't remotely think about extracting the tooth without a completed patient history and a full exam. Right? So, if you wanted to reduce Open Appointments, does it make sense to jump into a litany of canned solutions or would it make more sense to prepare a comprehensive history and conduct a full exam on your practice, first? Otherwise, if you try to attack a specific issue or improve a specific need, how do you know it will work? How do you know it will not have unintended consequences? How do you know the time and effort expended will be worth the effort? Does the 'it' really matter that much? What if the focus is on the wrong need?" If a comprehensive exam is the right thing to do for your patients, then why wouldn't it be the right thing to do for your practice!

In other industries, we call this full exam a Strategic Plan. Here's why this makes common sense for you, your team members and your patients. Clinically, you and your hygienists are competently trained and you keep your skills sharpened with CE. Conversely, on the operational or business side of your practice, there is no school that teaches you, or anyone on your team, how to optimize the most critical functions of a dental practice, such as filling-the-chairs with productive patients, maximizing Case Acceptance to Completion, improving the number and quality of New Patients and improving the experience your patients have throughout your practice.

So, I suggested that Kevin step back from the aggravation and conduct a full exam on his practice to illuminate all of the gaps. As a part of the planning process, we would engage team members for their input and to be part of the solutions. Then, the best solutions could be determined that would create the best results with team commitment. A couple weeks later, we finished his Strategic Tactical Plan and began implementing the planned solutions. The next fiscal year, followed by the next fiscal year and followed by the next fiscal year, his practice set production, collection and profit records ---- by a bunch, with a very big return-on-investment. Why? The Strategic Plan told us the focus, the solutions that would achieve the best results and the timeline to make it happen.


Owning a StategicPlan2Focus is common sense!

But, why not hear it from Kevin and a few of his team members…

Andalusia Dental Group
Kevin J. Alexander, DMD
James Samford, DMD
Amy Hartsfield, DMD
Lynsey Brown, DMD
University General Dentistry
Zack Dollar, DMD
Roy Smith, DMD