Want to Grow Production & Collections, Sooner than Later?


Focus on the Easiest, Fastest and

Biggest Opportunity, First!


Case Acceptance to Completion:  What if your practice increased the number of Cases Completed

by just 3 per week (12 per month)?  If the average ‘Case’ production value is $1,000, Production Growth would increase by $12,000 per month.


Not only does Case Acceptance to Completion generate far more in production & Collections,

it is easier and faster to improve...and sustainable, year-over-year.


How to improve your Case Completion results...

the million-dollar question? Click here to keep

reading and learn more.


Most dentists/owners are continuously trying to improve

team performance and financial results.


How To Grow Your Dental Practice In The New Economy,

reveals 5 key strategies to predictable, significant and

sustainable results.




Examine what you are doing today and diagnose the best treatment for your practice moving forward. You know the

Great Recession created big problems for many dentists. It exposed dental practices to inefficient and ineffective

processes, protocols and skills that suppressed production growth. The problem areas, primarily, are: No-shows and cancellations, fewer new patients and referrals and fewer

cases completed.  This book will reveal the 5 key strategies

to predictable, significant and sustainable results!

  1. HOW to create consistently exceptional Patient  Experiences
  2. WHY a Strategic Plan is a “must have” to predict                your future
  3. HOW to Fill-the-Schedule and keep it full
  4. CASE Completion, not case acceptance: the magic           wand to big increases in production
  5. HOW to Lead your team to Performance, instead                    of managing work


Book available directly from Amazon






Serving dentists in 34 states and 3 countries, our client’s increase collections by an average of 20-30% in 12 months.  Do the math for your practice for 1 year, then 5 and 10 years.  Think of the future of your practice, team members, patients and your family. 


You can buy a program that charges big fees for training and coaching, and hope for financial results.

Or, you can skip all the B.S., and in 30 to 60 days see improved financial results, self-motivated team members that need very little ‘managing’ and patients experiencing an uplifting practice environment!


Do you want to...pay-off debt, add rooms, a CEREC or a digital PAN?  Are you considering transitioning your practice?  How about buying a practice, or 2 or 4?

Or, just optimize Production & Collections, month over month?


Find out HOW...ZERO cost to find out how much your practice 'should' grow in the next 12 months.


We all know the dental industry is changing at light speed.  One thing separates the winners from the others...Double Digit Production & Collections Growth. 


Get your FREE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION. Email John Cotton, CEO of Dental Team Performance at john@whydtp.com.  In the subject line, note FREE ANALYSIS.  In the email, include your name, name and address of your practice and your preferred telephone number.  You'll hear from John in less than 24 hours. 




"DTP helped me create a focused Strategic Plan at the height of the recession in 2009.  One year later, we had a record year.  Since then, we are up 42% in collections."


"In 2012, DTP facilitated the development of our Case Completion protocols with our team members and the doctors.  We launched the protocol and our production increased by 18% in the first month and has maintained significant increases since then."


"On the surface, my practice seemed successful, until DTP opened my eyes to the potential.  I would never have believed 30% collections growth in 2 years.  They've truly become family to me."


"We just want to do dentistry!  DTP analyzed our practice over several weeks and with team member's input, created a Strategic Plan and facilitated the implementation. Stunning and sustainable results happened." 



"In 2012, if someone told me our production would grow by 37% and we would build a new office, I would have laughed.  DTP helped make it happen, one step at a time."



"DTP created an environment that allowed our team to flourish.  The energy and results that they created keeps on giving.  Team performance has been extraordinary for over 4 years."



"How do you increase collections by $60,000 in 60 days and sustain the growth, month-over-month for years?  Ask Dental Team Performance!"

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