Want to Grow Production & Collections, Sooner than Later?

Focus on the Easiest, Fastest and Biggest Opportunity, First!

Case Acceptance to Completion:  What if your practice increased the number of Cases Completed by just 3 per week (12 per month)?  If the average ‘Case’ production value is $1,000, Production Growth would increase by $12,000 per month.

Not only does Case Acceptance to Completion generate far more in production & Collections, it is easier and faster to improve…and sustainable, year-over-year.

How to improve your Case Completion results…the million-dollar question?

Our 4-Step process has generated an average increase in practice production of 16% to 19% in over 300 practices throughout the USA.  Team Member’s love it and Patient’s Experiences are enhanced. Using the example above, a $12,000 increase in monthly production = $144,000 in 12 months and $720,000 in 5 years.  Net gain…after supplies, lab and miscellaneous, you keep 75% +/- of the Growth.

Speed to Results:  From initiating the process to measuring improved results…less than 30 days.

It’s your choice…sit on the sidelines and miss-out, or get focused and enjoy the rewards.  Take a look at your Unscheduled Treatment report for the last 12 months.  That’s enough to suggest a big problem and big opportunity.  All of the work and expense to get patients in the office, diagnose, treatment plan, financial estimates and then…nothing.  It’s either a massive loss of production, or your biggest annual expense.  Either way, it’s literally costing you a fortune.  Optimize Case Acceptance to Completion, sooner than later! 

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