Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require any special qualifications to purchase a Dental Team Performance franchise?

It is important that Franchisees have existing relationships with dentists and relationships with individuals who can introduce the Franchisee to dentists in their territory. Having business and consulting experience is also a plus. Otherwise, we do not require specific work experiences or educational requirements in order to be considered for a DTP Franchise. We are confident in our ability to train Franchisees to successfully duplicate our system, so we are seeking self-motivated individuals who possess business acumen and are committed to following our proven operating system. Of course, Franchisees must also possess the minimum financial qualifications necessary to fund the opening of their franchise.


What is the initial investment required to open a DTP Franchise?

The total initial investment ranges from $49,500 to $67,050, which includes the Franchise Fee, equipment and supplies, insurance, professional fees, and other similar expenses. Please contact us for additional investment information.


Does Dental Team Performance offer financing?

We do not offer in-house financing; however, we can provide a list of potential lenders for you to contact to determine your qualification to obtain financing.


How much money can I earn from my Dental Team Performance franchise?

The Federal Trade Commission’s Franchise Rule permits franchise companies to make “financial performance representations” (FPRs) in Item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Although many franchise companies choose not to provide FPRs, we believe it is extremely important to do so since it helps prospective Franchisees understand the financial aspects of the franchise business.  In Item 19 of our FDD, we provide an FPR for the first 3 years operating a DTP Franchise. The information will assist you and your financial advisor in preparing a financial pro forma for your Dental Team Performance Franchise Business.


How long does it take to open a Dental Team Performance franchise?

We estimate that the time required to open your franchise following the signing of the Franchise Agreement is one month.  This includes the time required to set-up your Franchise Business legal entity and office systems, and complete our Initial Franchise Training Program.


Can I operate my Dental Team Performance franchise from a home office?

Provided you are permitted to do so under your local jurisdiction, a home office can be used. 


Do you provide franchise training and ongoing support?

We conduct Initial Franchise Training for Franchise Owners at our Corporate Headquarters in Birmingham, AL.  Our Franchise Intranet provides online training regarding the operations of the Franchise Business, including downloading documents and accessing the DTP Operation & Policies Manual.  Additional training and coaching is provided through one-on-one teleconferences to advise Franchisees in preparing Strategic Plans for prospective clients, Strategic Plan implementation, reporting to clients, marketing to dentists/owners and other support functions.  


Do you grant exclusive territories to Franchisees?

Each Franchise Territory includes a minimum population of 1,200,000 individuals.


Do you recommend that I visit Dental Team Performance?

We believe visiting with us for a “Franchise Discovery Day” is a vital step in evaluating Dental Team Performance and our franchise opportunity. A personal visit enables you to meet our Management and Franchise Support Team to learn about DTP firsthand. A typical Discovery Day lasts 4-6 hours so we recommend allocating a full day when you visit.


How do I receive a copy of your Franchise Disclosure Document?

To receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document, we will ask you to complete our FDD Request Form, which enables you to select whether you would like to receive a hard copy or PDF file of the Franchise Disclosure Document.


I’m interested in learning more. What are my next steps?
  1. The first step is to complete our Initial Inquiry Form to help us learn more about you. 
  2. Following our receipt of the Initial Inquiry Form, we will contact you to discuss the DTP franchise opportunity and additional questions you may have. .

 Please review the Franchise Process page for additional steps



The information provided on this website is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise.  It is for information purposes only.  Currently, the following states in the U.S. regulate the offering and sale of franchises: California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.  If you are a resident of, or desire a franchise to be located in one of these states, we will not offer you a franchise until we have complied with applicable presale registration and disclosure requirements in your state.  Upon registration, a copy of our current Franchise Disclosure Document will be delivered to you.  Such filing does not constitute approval by the state.

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