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We help dental practice owners discover & achieve their possibilities while developing a self-motivated Team of Performers


We know dentists are always hungry for more new information and we know first-hand how true the statement: “the best always want to get better”.  Sometimes it’s not about what you do but what you don’t do that causes problems.  But problems are opportunities for growth, right? 


When there are dramatic shifts in the dental industry, when the economy turns for the worse, how to respond is the challenge!  One thing we do is design comprehensive strategic plans to target what's holding a practice back and create a path to achieve your goals.


We also offer solutions without going through a Strategic Plan because sometimes you just want to pull the trigger on something that can make a difference!


At the end of the day, we don’t know a Dentist who hasn’t tried to get better, push harder, and improve. And while that’s good, sometimes there are things you could do that you don’t even see or realize because you are “in the midst of it all”.  We at DTP provide the outside-in look at a practice and bring our years of experience with over 800 practices to help our clients move forward.  Please, keep reading.


Some of what we have learned over the years:

1.  Having a partner to support and help define your goals can be a focus-changer.​


2.  Dentists want to grow their practice, but are naturally concerned that the cost may not be worth the money and the effort. 


3.  Dentists & Owners are concerned how their team members will feel about engaging with an outside firm, because many consultants are known for creating more ‘work’, multiple training & coaching sessions with little if any benefit to the team.


4.  Open Appointments drive everyone on the team crazy, not just the dentist.


5. Most bonus plans haven’t paid-off.  They are either not fair to the dentist/owner or so sporatic that the lack of a sustained benefit causes any motivation for team performance is short-lived.


6.  Many times there are really only 3-4 'things' to target for improvements to realize the biggest benefit for everyone. Measure as many KPIs as you want, but target improvement on those that have the biggest ROI.


7.  If 'It' isn't simple to implement, forget it.


8.  Implement one thing at a time.


9.  Every day has the potential for challenges and sometimes a single conversation can make a difference, especially when DTP can be 'on-call' for the entire team.


And the list could go on...

We see it every day in practices…everyone is ‘busy’ doing work, yet key Revenue Drivers are hiding in plain sight, untouched OR under-performed.  DIY or OUTSOURCE…don't make it about cost…think about Return-on-Investment!  Waiting can increase the problems.


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We wish you all the best,

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