The COVID-19 Pandemic has made the very nature of the practice of dentistry virtually impossible.  Practitioners were pushed into making tough decisions to be part of the solution and not add to the C-19 problem.  As we near the peak of the crisis and the ability to see patients is in your future, every dentist should be diligently seeking solutions to make the best of the re-boot of their practice.  Whether you go around, under, through or over the hurdles before you - NOW is the time to analyze, evaluate, and create a plan to make the best decisions to break through to the other side. Restarting will be a challenge and there has to be a way to Keep It Simple for you, your team and your patients to thrive on the other side of C-19.
What should be on your checklist to get everything in place before going back to whatever the new business as usual will look like?  We have a way to help design and implement a well thought out Jump-Start Strategy based on the DNA of your practice that fits what you need to make the return easier and more manageable.
What, Who, Why, How?
Those are the questions to answer to build your Jump-Start plan to reopen.
What does that mean for you if you engage with us?
  1. Evaluating Where you are and Where you should be
  2. Designing your Jump-Start Survival Plan
    • Determining Staffing roles
    • Communicating Team Expectations
  3. Creating Protocols to implement the first 60 days back in business
  4. Scheduling Optimization – Hyg & Doc
    • Communication Parameters
    • Tracking, Documentation & Reporting
    • Addressing Secondary Disruptions
  5. Leading through the Jump-Start
  6. Other…dependent on your Practice Immediate needs

DTP is offering this 2-month package for $ 847 per month.  There is no requirement beyond the 60 days.  This no-strings-attached pricing is half of what we would normally charge for the same deliverables listed above.  This is our way of giving back because we want dental practices to get back on track as quickly as possible.  It all starts with a no-hassle phone call or email to schedule a chat.  How may we serve you?
Ben Cotton: (678) 646-4938   Canton
Lisa McDaniel: (205) 531-7368   Atlanta
John Cotton: (205) 305-4008   Birmingham


Click here to experience the March 30th webinar we presented which was hosted by the Georgia Dental Association.


Time, Talent & Money are your most valuable business assets:  How can you optimize all 3 to do more dentistry? 

A complimentary Limited Practice Exam (by DTP) will identify and quanitfy the few Main Things that deserve FOCUS for your Practice.

Start with a 15-minute telephone call with 'just talk'.  Click below to select a date and time.

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