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What to Do?  Consider the Following:

Evaluate Your Bonus Plan and ROI: Example: ‘BAM  Bonus’ rewards 20% of Collections exceeding the collections bonus baseline. That’s a 4:1 ROI. So, work harder and hope collections beats the baseline. Or, what if there was a way to have an 8:1 ROI that increases Production, Collections, Rewards the Team and Practice-Owner? Team & Doc WIN more…and WIN more often.  We analyze your current bonus plan and design the alternative.  $587


Fee Analysis

Evaluation of your competitiveness in your market, plus a diagnostic review of production potential.  It’s common to silently lose $75,000+ per year due to mis-aligned fees. This diagnostic and review spreadsheet report will define your current production compared to your potential production.  $687


TX Acceptance vs. Completion: Know your Score. This evaluation of your TX Completion rate provides a detailed look at TX Completion and potential for improvement. Our focused measurement process reveals specific information regarding the potential for increased revenue generating results.  Do your processes promote Patient TX Completion as well as Team & Doc performance? Receive a full analysis of your TX Completion, recommendations for edits to your current processes, and a Customized Bonus plan.  The end objective is to drive team and doc performance and increase TX Completion.  $1,247


Collections Evaluation: Whether FFS or PPO, optimizing collections processes can increase revenue, but also add to the efficiency of your front office.  What you will receive?   Recommended solutions and a protocol you can implement for optimum results.  $447


Practice Expense Analysis: Reviewing your expenditure cycle is a tedious project, however the reward is well worth it, both financially and for peace-of-mind. We identify potential savings opportunities for you, compiled in a comprehensive report of opportunities for improvement. Get it done.  $1,376

· A Comprehensive Analysis involves DTP diving into all expenses, whether commodities or services. Using your 2019 P&L (detail), and evaluation of your ordering protocol, to the extent possible, we:

* review the value-add of the company and/or salesperson

* identify opportunities for improvement


Strategic Plan: The GPS to achieving your business goals to your personal goals.  The objective is to design and implement a thoughtful Plan for your practice.  Consideration is directed to effective & efficient clinical and operational processes, and patient experiences.  Further, FOCUS on identifying and quantifying the Main Things that matter most to achieve your goals.  Those that offer the biggest benefits, the fastest IMPORTANT: “People buy-in to that which they help create”.  When designing and implementing your Plan, team and Doc buy-in is generated because everyone provides input in the creation and refinement of the Protocols.  HOW TO IMPLEMENT your Plan:  Do-it-Yourself or engage DTP to Do-it-For-You.  FIRST, get your Strategic Plan designed so you will know the steps and methods to achieve your defined goals.  $887


We see it every day in practices…everyone is ‘busy’ doing work, yet key Revenue Drivers are hiding in plain sight, untouched OR under-performed.  DIY or OUTSOURCE…it’s not about cost…it’s about Return-on-Investment!  Waiting simply increases the problems.


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Time, Talent & Money are your most valuable business assets:  How can you optimize all 3 to do more dentistry? A complimentary Limited Practice Exam (by DTP) will identify and quanitfy the few Main Things that deserve FOCUS for your Practice.  Start with a 15-minute telephone call with 'just talk'.  Click below to select a date and time.

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