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Sometimes all you need is a simple course with nuggets of information for you and your team.  Check out the items below to see what options fit your needs.



Leadership to Team Performance 

Leaders are charged to inspire, motivate and guide performance as well as preventing, reducing and/or resolving team dysfunction when it does happen. Looking for perfection with leadership and in your team? Forget it…there is no such thing. Continuous improvement in leadership ability should be the goal.


Three leadership truths:

  • Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment. Give and be willing to receive – law of reciprocity.
  • Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them, including serving team members. Serve with no expectation of anything other than an honest day’s work.
  • Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s value.Lead so your team will want to follow because you look out for them and they know and feel valued by you.

Bottom-line: improving your leadership performance can and will improve your team member’s buy-in and motivation to performing differently, which will improve production.


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Solving Patient's Needs


People buy solutions, not products. The value of a solution is based on perception. Patients are no different...solution=perception=value.


Whether an enamel filling, a crown, an implant, veneers, whitening or straightening appliances, patients are investing in a solution for their dental health or cosmetic needs. Rarely do patients know how to solve their problem, if they even know they have a dental problem. It is the responsibility of everyone in the practice to connect with patients, evaluate their needs and communicate a value-solution. Then it’s just a matter of getting the patient to complete the treatment.


People do business with people and this course is focused on the team to patient connection by offering options or simplifying:

1. Understanding how most people make buying decisions

2. Improving skills to be solution-minded, not product-focused

3. Presenting the right recommendation using benefit statements.


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Telephone Skills

Prospective New Patients call every day, and often call multiple dental practices. Marketing might make the telephone ring. But, the performance of Telephone Skills will determine the success of converting prospective new patients to Scheduled New Patients to New Patients that show-up.


On average, New Patient’s generate $600 to $800 of production in a year. Just 5 more per month (60 per year) can add $36,000 to $48,000 in new production in a year. No-show and Cancellations happen! Consider improving the Telephone protocol and skills to maximize the results with the existing opportunities.

What about Active PatientsWhile AP’s can represent 80%+/- of your total patients seen, they will No-Show and Cancel, too. It’s frustrating and expensive. The first line of offense is the telephone. Skills performance is an absolute necessity for a dental office. While Auto-Appointment Reminder systems are becoming more beneficial, be careful not to rely on these systems. The ‘human connection’ is integral to maximize scheduling. Fewer no-shows and cancellations per week can make a huge difference. Do the math…1 more operatory patient seen per week can easily add $25,000 to $40,000 in 12 months.

Be effective on the telephone to appoint more NP’s and reducing NS’s & CA’s!

This course cuts-the-fluff and gets-to-the-point…appoint more NPs, retain more Active Patients and minimize the No-show & Cancellation nightmare. It covers WHY the telephone is so important to the overall success of a dental practice, HOW to improve the results in a step-by-step format…and WHAT doesn’t work.


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The Basics of Communication

Few businesses rely upon clear, concise, coordinated and timely COMMUNICATIONS to succeed as much as a dental office. Anything less can cause frustration at the very least, unintended problems to resolve, dissatisfied patients and some degree of team dysfunction…to name few. One communication problem can cause multiple other issues. Conversely, the better the overall communication skills, the better for most everything else, including fewer No-shows, more New Patients, improved Case Acceptance, improved production and a higher collection percentage. Of course, less frustration, fewer ‘problems’, less team issues are outcomes, too!

“I just want to do more dentistry”! That’s what dentists tell us they want. Play a little ‘communication offense’ to minimize the hassles, frustration and ‘management issues’ you dislike.


This course will serve you well (if you use it) because it simply centers around human nature.  Consider this course as a foundation.  The doctrines are timeless. Tweak as you see fit to tailor to your team, your patient market and your style. Focus on one section or topic that speaks to you and your practice, and simply initiate an open conversation with your team.


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Branding Professionalism

Professionalism is different within the practice and impressions can vary widely. The degree of professionalism defines each team member, who they are, how each person is perceived and how the practice itself is defined by your patients. The success of a practice is affected by public perception, which rests on the shoulders of every team member.


The rulebook on professional behavior grows more each day, but by making a few improvements, using some basic tools and staying self-motivated, patients can be impressed with every encounter. An indifferent or negative impression can be very costly. The practice can lose patients, future appointments and lose referrals through negative word-of-mouth.

Patients vote! They decide where they spend money based, to a large extent, on how they feel about their experience with the practice. Positive perceptions are essential to create outstanding relationships and opportunities.


How does presenting a professional image impact the practice? It’s more than meeting expectations.

Professionalism Development includes Image, Interactions (Team & Patients), Basic communication tools and Etiquette.


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Team Performance Coaching Bundle


  1. Solving Patient's Needs
  2. The Telephone
  3. Basics of Communication
  4. Branding Professionalism

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