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What We Do

Our mission is to help dental practice owners discover

their possibilities and achieve them!

Having served 800+ practices in 34 states and 3 countries, we’ve experienced just about everything one can imagine.  Very few practice owners achieve top tier results, year over year.  Those few that do, did it the old-fashioned way… trial & error and non-stop determination and luck.  Conversely, most practice owners aren’t so lucky in their trial & error quest to achieve their goals, even occasionally.  Achieving their possibilities, consistently, is rare. Why are dental practice owners missing the fun, the joy and the rewards?  Is it because it wasn't taught in Dental School?  Consultants & trainers don’t teach it?  There could be many reasons, but let's focus on what IS possible to achieve.


STRATEGIC PLANNING is the industry name, world-wide, for the process of discovering the POSSIBILITIES of an organization and developing the specific STRATEGIES & TACTICS to achieve its POSSIBILITIES.  That planning is where DTP started with our clients.


But, what about COVID-19?  Should you wait until the pandemic ends?  Short answer:  NO!  Dental Team Performance was founded in the 2007-2009 Great Recession, because so many practice owners were desperate to find a revenue generating solution.  Back then we had zero knowledge about the Business of Dentistry, but decades of experience with hundreds of businesses.  We proceeded with creating and implementing Strategic Plans to the delight of practice owners and Team Members.  As with our other clients, we include Team Members in the Strategic Planning process, because they provide value and by doing so, they naturally buy-in to the planning and implementation processes. 


Then and now we create Strategic Plans for practice owners for less than $1,000.  That hasn’t changed!  It's as easy as 1--2--3.


FIRST:  Identify the POSSIBIITIES for your practice.  That is our expertise!

SECOND:  Decide if you want to proceed with a full (or limited) Strategic Plan. 

THIRD: Once your Strategic Plan is developed, decide on Implementation. 

  1. Do-it Yourself

  2. Done with You (DTP assistance)

  3. Done for You…by DTP

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