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Case Acceptance to Completion

What you need to know about Case Acceptance to Completion

  1. The OPPORTUNITY:  Per $1,000,000 of annual Production, Unscheduled TX (UT) averages $600,000 to $900,000.  In 5 years, Unscheduled TX accumulates to $3 million - $4.5 million.  The Problem can be very big!
  2. The typical solutions:  Call the Unscheduled TX patients…very few re-appoint.   Wait to see the Patient at their next Prophy…few convert.  Neither are valid solutions.
  3. THE PROVEN SOLUTION: “Create an environment in your Practice where more Patients will ‘want’ the diagnosed dentistry, schedule it, show-up and do it…without selling or pushing”

COMMON RESULTS (using $600k to $900k of UnTX):   

Low:  $150,000 per year.  Over 5 years = $750,000

High:  $450,000 per year. Over 5 years = $2,250,000 


What’s the Secret to Optimizing CASE ACCEPTANCE TO COMPLETION?


5 Steps to TEAM/DOC Performance:     

  1. Define 'Case' for your practice
  2. Measure the number of  Cases over a specific period of time
  3. Develop a CAC Protocol with Team & Doc buy-in
  4. Identify the Communication Skills that work for You, Team & Patients
  5. Design a Team Incentive for CAC with a 10:1 ROI

            Launch…Implement CAC Successfully for Recurring Results


3 Launch Options:  1. Do-it-Yourself   2. Done-for-You   3. Done-with-You


Have it Your Way: Pick an Option and Get Results

  1. DIY (Do-it-Yourself):  Some Dentists prefer to implement team performance strategies themselves.  Knowing the 5 Steps gives practice owners a head-start to create detail for each Step.  The upside for DIY is low-cost.  The downside is low success rate and nominal improvements that can diminish quickly.  Bottom line:  DIY for CAC is possible, but not ideal in optimizing results.
  2. DFY (Done-for-You):  Dentists engage consultants or trainers with specific expertise.  The upside is a higher expectation that acceptable results will be achieved and they usually are achieved.  The negative is the cost.  Find the consultant that fits your needs and your team.  Cost is relative to Results…Seek Return-on-Investment & Sustainable Results.
  3. DWY (Done-with-YOU):   This model is rare because few consultants offer it.  What if you had a premier consultant to help you complete the 5 STEPS and create an Implementation Plan that will achieve maximum and sustainable CAC results?  All of this is done REMOTELY to slash your investment!  You get the knowledge, expertise and skills of a business strategist, plus you take credit for LEADING your TEAM to Success.  (With a DTP consultant helping you with any part of the Implementation along the way.) 


Done-For-You or DONE-WITH-YOU Consulting:  We serve doc/owners in a manner that best  fits their needs.  Your Choice!   Done-With-You includes 1-on-1 contact via Conference Calls, Telephone, Email, etc.  You get what you need and want, save of money, achieve your goals  and experience a bigger net-profit. 


The MYTH:  Onsite consulting gets better results! 

The FACT:  TRUE for clinical training.  NOT TRUE FOR Practice Performance Strategies…Implementation, Coaching, Training.   

The TAKE-AWAY:  Because DTP’S expertise and methods are intentionally designed

to perform ONSITE or OFFSITE, you have options to decide which method meets your needs. 


Why pay a premium for onsite consulting, if you don’t have to or need to? OFFSITE CONSULTING creates access to expertise that otherwise would be costly, especially when costs can be reduced by 30%, 40% or more.


While this highlights Case Acceptance to Completion, you may have a different need.  Let’s have a conversation to discuss your interests, goals and needs!  Then, you can decide if you want the DTP team to serve you in any way.  


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