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Fill the Chairs to Production

Isn’t that your #1 objective ---- Fill-the-Chairs?


The Symptoms:

Cancellations, No-shows, New Patients, Referrals, Recall…


The Costs:  For kicks, say your average appointment is worth $300.  Let’s say, you had 50 total Open Appointments last month.  That cost you $15,000 for one month.  For 12 months, that’s $180,000.


Obviously, it’s virtually impossible to reduce Open Appointments (OA) to zero.  Can you cut your OA numbers?  Yes. Whatever your OA numbers average each month, that number can be reduced. 


Step 1:  Measure Open Appointments over several months to get a monthly average. This will identify if OA is the issue AND what improvement is reasonable to expect.


Step 2:  Identify what’s causing the OA problem in your practice.               

  • Recall results are unacceptable --- and aren’t measured?
  • No-shows:  Who are they and why do they do this?
  • We don’t track referrals?
  • We do nothing for the person that referred the patient?
  • Don’t know prospective New Patient’s incoming call conversion rate?
  • We don’t have a game plan to minimize Patient Defection?
  • We don’t connect well with potential and current patients when they are not in the office?

What’s the answer?  Defining the processes that makes sense for YOUR practice.


Would you ask a Hygienist to perform Prophy without the required training, license and operatory experience?  No


Would you attempt to care for your patients without your dental education, license, training, CE and lots of practice?  No


Then, don’t expect your team members who are responsible for filling-the-chairs to perform their best without the know-how, tools and skills to be successful!


It’s a matter of changing Patient’s behaviors.  And, your Patient’s behaviors are affected by your team member’s behaviors.  While the solutions are about ‘what you do’, it’s also about ‘how you do it’.  Stated another way, the answer is in creating a desire in your patients to ‘want to’ act or behave as you want them to act or behave.  You can’t push a patient, because your patients have options.  They can elect to acquire their dentistry needs from your practice or from another practice, or elect to invest their money elsewhere.  Patients are consumers, just like you and me.  Collectively, we want to feel the VALUE of doing business with any organization in return for our hard-earned money.  Your fill-the-chair SOLUTIONS have to create VALUE.  That’s the bottom-line!    


We all know there are consultants that promise incredible results, but the least expensive onsite consultant can be expensive. Then, there are CDs, books and boot-camps as options.  If you have participated in any of these...and you are still looking for a to us.  


What to do?  Allow us to help you find the solutions specific to your practice that can have sustainable results.


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