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Facts About Team Bonuses


First, why have a bonus?  Generally, a bonus is a reward for achieving a specific desired result.  Money is the ‘bonus of choice’.  Team Members appreciate the extra income and Practice 0wners can offset the cost with added revenue (the ROI).


The BAM (Bare-Ass-Minimum) method the most well-known bonus program.  Essentially, the practice owner establishes a ‘collections minimum’ above the current monthly collections average.  Any amount of collections above the ’collections minimum’ earns a 20% total bonus, split equally among all team members.


A few BAM key points: 

  1. The Return-on-Investment to the practice is 4:1 (80% over 20%).
  2. BAM does NOT include methods for the Doc and Team to exceed the 20% threshold.
  3. If the team ‘feels’ the collections minimum threshold isn’t achievable, BAM is DOA.
  4. If the team earns a BAM, sporadically, they quit trying. 

The KAM (Kick-Ass-Maximum) method

is a powerful alternative to BAM.  Why? 

  1. For starters, the ROI is 10:1, not 4:1
  2. KAM is designed for a specific Key Production Driver, such as minimizing Open Appointments, optimizing Case Acceptance to Completion or maximizing the Patient Experience Score.   
  3. KAM includes PROTOCOLS to improve the results.
  4. KAM includes SKILLS to optimize the results.
  5. Bonuses are FREQUENTLY earned
  6. Docs & Team WIN


For more information about KAM, contact us.



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