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“They Didn't Warn Me About This In Dental School”


Great Practices aren’t born. Great Practices evolve into who and what they are based on Leadership.


The Challenges of Leadership

  • Dentists are (should be) in production day-in and day-out
  • Dentists have little time to lead their team 
  • Some confuse managing with leading
  • Team members desperately want to be led, but not managed
  • Optimizing Practice Performance requires leadership
  • Few Leadership resources are available specifically for Dentists
  • Mediocre team performance can kill production and profitability
  • Turnover is very expensive


Leadership drives your entire practice---from hiring the best candidates to developing a team of performers, from setting expectations to measuring performance, from serving patients needs to maximizing profit. 


Do you have a melting pot of team members?  Education, background and experiences vary.  Personalities and habits vary.  Some work hard, some don’t and some never will.  Some are great with patients and others aren’t.  On the surface, everyone seems to get along, but the under-current is a different story, usually depending on the day.  It’s no wonder you want to stay in the operatory!  Recall is being made, or is it?  Broken/Cancelled appointments are as low as they can be, or are they?  Hygienists are talking dentistry, or are they?  Your New Patient and referral numbers are higher than ever, or are they?  There isn’t a consultant on the planet that can help you and your practice if Leadership isn’t THE cornerstone.


The 4 Key Factors of Leadership:

  1. Set Clear Expectations
  2. Communicate Clear Expectations
  3. Coach to the Clear Expectations
  4. Measure Performance to your Expectations


That’s the ‘what to do’!


The ‘How to Do It’? We have a no fluff, no frills course you can purchase.  Dr. Charles Blair even offers our book on his site: Leadership-to-Team-Performance Our book has the core leadership guidelines to get you focused on your leadership style. You can use it and enjoy the rewards.  We also offer Leadership coaching.  Having worked with thousands of people in leadership roles, there probably isn’t much we haven’t seen.


We would love to help break through your leadership barriers.



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