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Patient Experience

What is “The Patient Experience” and Why Should You Care?


Essentially, when people speak about the Patient Experience it’s about optimizing how patients feel about your dental office, the team and the Doctor/s.  Patient’s perceptions, feelings and emotions impact their reactions, decisions and actions. 

Of course, their actions impact the dental office, either good or bad.  


Think of your perceptions of businesses you frequent…or used to frequent.  From entrance to exit, your senses are automatically engaged…see, hear, smell, touch, taste.  Patients are consumers and your practice is competing for each patient’s time and money with many other establishments. 


Make no mistake…how your office, you and your team make patients feel impacts every metric you measure.  Speaking of measurements, what is your Patient Experience Score?  If you don’t have a valid score, it’s impossible to have any idea how your patients feel about your business. 


The Patient Experience isn’t new to Dental Team Performance.  We’ve created and implemented customized Patient Experience strategies for over 400 dental practices, nationwide.  Team members and doctors love it because it feels good and it’s the right thing to do.  And, it can be very profitable!


You want more New Patients to appoint and more of them to show-up…more Patients to accept, schedule and complete Treatments…fewer no-shows…and PRICE to be less of issue?  We have a way to help.


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