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Building a Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Where does it start?


For Your Patients?  It starts with a Comprehensive Exam & Treatment Plan

For Your Practice?  It starts with a Comprehensive Exam & Strategic Plan


Your Patients Come to You for Your Professional Expertise 

ð Your Comprehensive Exam provides the needed information to professionally diagnose a patient’s dental health

ð If you recommend treatment, the best treatment options are discussed

ð A financial estimate is presented and discussed

ð The patient decides to complete any or all treatment and schedules, or not

ð Their dental health is maintained with periodic cleanings and check-ups  


     So you see, the foundation of a dental practice is preventative and restorative care for the best oral and dental health of your patients. An annual exam determines needed treatment, which determines the best ‘treatment plan’ to serve the patient’s needs.

DTP’s comprehensive analysis serves as a guide for your practice to achieve optimum results.  We target the top Key Production Drivers (KPDs) that can make the biggest positive difference in a practice. Noted below is the checklist of areas we typically evaluate in writing a Strategic Plan.  

  • Discuss and determine the doc/owners goals (personal and practice)
  • Evaluate existing key measurements, protocols, skills & rewards for each KPD and team performance associated with each KPD
  • Identify the #1 KPD (and why) for the practice & the baseline score
  • Identify the #2 KPD (and why)…what’s the baseline score
  • Identify the #3 KPD (and why)…what’s the baseline score
  • Incentive/Bonus Plan analysis
  • P&L Evaluation
  • PPO/FFS Analysis as % of Production/Collections
  • Evaluate Leadership style 
  • Analyze Unscheduled TX, prospective improvements and why
  • Analyze Hygiene Open Time
  • Analyze Doc Open Time
  • Analyze Doc Production
  • Predict the expected increase in Production/Collections in the next 12 months
  • The end-objective: Patients, Team & Dentist win, consistently
  • Write your Strategic Plan and deliver it to you


Then use your plan as a roadmap for your next best steps!



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