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Unscheduled TX

Fill-the-schedules and do more dentistry while complying with the new rules.  The methods, processes and protocols used in your practice will determine the amount & speed of your Revenue Growth. Merging your new clinical protocols with the appropriate patient-flow and patient-experience protocols is a must to optimize your schedules and Case Acceptance.  Keep in mind, patients make decisions based on ‘how they feel’ about the practice environment as a whole.

About Team Members:  To a large extent, how they perform dictates practice revenue.  If ever there was a time when optimum Team Buy-in and Performance matters, it’s now.

About YOU:  As the dentist/owner, you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Revenue has to improve, soon!  Patients have be served clinically and emotionally.  Team Members have experienced their share of ups & downs and they are desperate for better days ahead. 

What to do?  We liken it to baking a cake.  First, what kind of cake do you want?  Then, it’s all about the recipe…the right ingredients, the right amount of each ingredient, bake it for the right time at the right temperature and voila.  Enjoy!


Wouldn’t it be great to have the right recipe for your practice to achieve Revenue Growth Goal and ‘do the right things’ for your Patients, your Team and You?  You can!  But, time matters, because PPP and line-of-credit funds have limits.  So, what are the right ingredients?  What’s the right amount of each ingredient?  How long will you bake your ingredients?  Will the end-result make you happy?  Do you want to do-it-yourself, have a professional help you or have a professional do-it-for-you?  Revenue Growth is a Necessity!  Better get going ‘Baking Your Cake’. 

Old-School Mindset:  All-Hands on Deck to work on the 20, 30, 40+ KPI/metrics.  Best wishes! 

FOCUSED Mindset: Conduct a Comprehensive Practice Exam to identify & quantify the Top 3 Main Production Drivers.  Start with the #1 Main Thing that is quantifiably your Revenue Game-Changer.

For Example:  Per $1,000,000 of gross production, $600,000 to $900,000 of diagnosed dentistry goes into Unscheduled Treatment, every year.  And, once it arrives in the Unscheduled TX bucket, practices struggle converting unscheduled to completed. 

PRIMARY SOLUTION:  Optimize Case Acceptance to Completion (CAC).  How?  By creating an office environment where more patients WANT the diagnosed dentistry (no selling).  Using the example above ($600k to $900k annual Unscheduled TX) $250k to $400k per year IS SCHEDULED and COMPLETED, annually, because it never arrived in Unscheduled TX.  The best part:  It’s easy to implement and sustainable, year-over-year…$250k to $400k X 5 years = $1,250,000 to $1,600,000 in Revenue.


Of course, no dental practice will ever achieve 100% Case Completion.  That’s why you still need a protocol for Unscheduled TX.  Our gift to you is our Unscheduled TX Protocol used by hundreds of DTP clients.  Click Here to request your copy.

 If you see value and want to ask questions, we’re pleased to listen to your specific interests and have a conversation.




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